String Quartet “Heartland Bleeds”

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PROJECT description (by Markus Reuter)
String Quartet "Heartland Bleeds"

My idea is to write my first “String Quartet”, meaning a cycle of string quartet pieces. I see the music as an “album” in the traditional sense, not just a compilation of pieces. The goal is not to get them premiered/performed first, but to record them in a beautiful way with classical music producer and label owner Dirk Fischer of Solaire Records, Berlin. The music will get presented as a Deluxe Edition CD with beautiful artwork and a thick booklet with extensive liner notes written by Dirk's brother, music journalist Tobias Fischer. The official album release is scheduled for March/April 2019.

In addition we are looking at getting the scores published so that string quartets world-wide will have access to these pieces. Individual sections will also work as standalone compositions, which may increase the chances of this music to get played in public at some point.

Dirk suggested the Dutch “Matangi Quartet” as the string quartet to actually perform and record these pieces. He played them some of my other music and they liked it and have agreed on a recording date in mid-October. 

I do feel very inspired to do this work, and in terms of my development as a composer I see this as an important step. However, I'm actually feeling slighty intimidated by the prospect of writing this music. Recently I've been rather disappointed with the music that is being made by my peers, and I would like to do something more uncompromising, but I have no clear answer yet what that means in practice. I'm in research mode at the moment, working with my "playnotes2" software that generates a rather new kind of musical raw material.

Anyway, thank you very much for considering to support this project. I'm excited and curious...  

Markus Reuter

CROWDFUNDING (by Cédric Theys)
How do we make this project happen?

I decided to help Markus with this ambitious project when he first mentioned it in late 2017. I met Markus at a show in Boulder, CO back in 2011 and got to know him much better a year later at a music camp up in the Catskill, where for the first time I got to try the instrument he builds and plays, the U8 (I'm a proud owner of one!). Over the years we've crossed paths quite a bit and worked together on several endeavors. For this particular project, I advised him I would like to handle the logistics of the crowdfunding so he can focus on the music.

Of course this rather big writing/recording project needs funding. Your support is greatly appreciated and invaluable. Without you, the music would certainly stay on a piece of paper tucked away somewhere, collecting dust.

We decided to do this "crowdfunding" 100% DIY that is why we're doing this here on Markus' website. You will still have the opportunity to get some things in return for your generosity (see below). We are using PayPal to collect the funds; its a very secure way of doing it and the funds will go directly to the project with minimal service fees from PayPal, banks, etc. Please note that if your account is not verified you will have a maximum limit you can send (it varies per account) which will be lifted once you verify your account with PayPal (2-3 day process). There, you know everything.

The minimum goal is 10,000 EUR, which will cover the costs of recording, hiring the musicians, flights or train rides and food and lodging while recording, design, graphics, liner notes and manufacturing of the album. Anything over that amount will allow us to promote the music more, do some filming for a short documentary and the rest would pay Markus for writing the music.

So here are the options for your pledges:

- €10-25 / $13-32: download of the "Heartland Bleeds" string quartet album
- €26-39 / $33-49: signed CD of the "Heartland Bleeds" string quartet album
- €40-100 / $50-125: signed CD of the "Heartland Bleeds" string quartet album & the music score in PDF
- €101-150 / $126-189: all of the above and your name in the "thank you" section of the artwork
- €151 / $190: all of the above and a personalized soft cover book version of the scores
- €500 / $620: all of the above and a 30 minutes Skype conversation with Markus Reuter about the project
- €1000/ $1240: Executive Producer credit and all of the above
- €3000 / $3750: all of the above plus a 1-page piece of music (for a musical instrument of your choice or a small ensemble with up to 3 instruments of your choice) written exclusively for you, printed/personalized/signed/framed, and our eternal gratitude.

If you have further questions/concerns, please write to me at cedric"dot"theys"at"madducksrecords"dot"com

(please make sure to include your shipping address in PayPal)

From the PRODUCER (by Dirk Fischer)

Solaire was officially founded in 2015. But it's literally been on our minds for more than a decade. Each of our releases details our passion for great album releases, from exceptional music via insightful liner notes  to exquisite packaging. It's not so much a 'labour of love' and it certainly isn't a business venture. To  us, it feels like an expression of our life, the experiences we've made and the desire to share these with as many listeners as possible.

The musicians we love to work with take a similar approach to art. They tend to work within their own ideals and philosophies, using their own vocabulary and concepts. Some of them are incredibly talented at drawing in large audiences. Others want to deal with nothing but the music. All of them share the belief that music is more than a passive experience, that is not about consumption but communication, that art can not be separated from life.

When we first met Markus many years ago, when the label didn't even formally exist yet, it was instantly clear to us that we had found someone special. We were thrilled by his first steps into the world of contemporary composing, his sheer commitment, by the epic scope of "Todmorden 513" and its ability to create a bridge that leads from courage to beauty.

Since then, the idea of an album of original compositions for Solaire has always been on the table, the subject of many inspiring conversations over good food, of epic discussions in person or via email. On our end, it was a purely selfish desire: Markus has developed a distinct personal language and a compositional system that yields astoundingly original results. If there's ever been a music that feels fresh and yet familiar at a time when these terms have become exchangeable and stale, this is it. We simply want to be able to have permanent access to it and to be able to listen to it in the best possible sound quality.

Releasing a classical recording is expensive. Even established labels have reverted to drawing in corporate sponsors, shying away from investing in new composers. We have never wanted to go down that route. "This Recording was Funded by No One", printed in the liner notes of most of our records, has become our tongue in cheek corporate slogan. By supporting Markus' crowdfunding campaign, you can turn that phrase around without having to go down the route of big business.

Most of all, you will help him support his music without compromise. We've seen the scores to the pieces he's written and heard performances of them and we can tell you: If you love Markus' work, you wouldn't want it any other way.


02/12/2018: After a few weeks figuring out administrative details for the project to be set up, we're finally making this page live!