July 2013

Hi all, here’s a quick roundup of what Markus has been up to and what he is working on at the moment.

Markus has been composing a lot of new music recently – recordings for a new solo ambient album are in the can, and work on pieces for a “rock album” as well as two new orchestral pieces is well under way. However, after the successful PledgeMusic campaign, Todmorden 513 postproduction will remain the creative focus for some time yet, and the work is also the main priority of our current promotional activities. We are in the process of assembling Group 33, a street team with the aim to carry the word about Markus and his work further out into the world. Please write to info(at)markusreuter.com if you’re interested in participating, and we’ll provide you with further information.

Next week will see the second Touch Guitar Circle seminar with Markus and Trey Gunn after last year’s successful premiere. Markus will head to the USA immediately after the course for a short tour with Stick Men, followed by a couple of European Dates. September might see some concerts with Namgar, but that is still in the works, and in October Markus will be back in the US for a couple of solo concerts and another Touch Guitar Circle seminar with Trey in Seattle. Please check the upcoming dates section regularly for updated itinerary, visitwww.touchguitarcircle.com for infos on the Seattle course and watchMarkus’ Facebook page for all the freshest info.

Recent releases include the Fletcher | Fletcher | Reuter cover version of Mike Oldfield’s “Island” which was released on Lee’s Bandcamp page as a digital single in June. In October, the new Boddy/Reuter CD “Colour Division” will be released on Ian Boddy’s DiN label (as DiN43). Markus and Tobias have also finished producing the Blast Unicorn debut album – read and hear more about this very unique project on the Blast Unicorn Facebook page. – TR / info(at)markusreuter.com