October 2013

Here’s another short update about a long list of recent activities! As announced in the last batch of news, Markus played the WOMAD Russia Festival with Namgar in September, and everybody involved agreed that the gig went great. So did the solo US shows in October, which included a professionally filmed duo concert with Tim Motzer. A low resolution version of the 90 minute live stream production (which couldn’t be transmitted due to technical problems) can be viewed online for a few more days here.

The US stint also included a recording session with the amazing Angelica Sanchez and Tony Geballe for a future release, and the third Touch Guitar Circle seminar co-led by Markus and Trey Gunn in Seattle. Another course is now likely to happen in South America in the first half of 2014 – we’ll post news as soon as we have them.

Many new tour dates are now also listed on the “Upcoming gigs” page, including another Namgar concert in Russia, The Crimson ProjeKct‘s first concerts in New Zealand and Australia as well as their first and extensive European tour. There’s a leg of Stick Men touring on the west coast of the USA in January and the Cruise to the Edge in April as well.

As always, much is also going on in terms of audio production and mixing in addition to the usual heavy organizing and strategizing. We’ll be able to present new releases soon. For now, the most recent Boddy/Reuter collaboration Colour Division is barely a month old, and we highly recommend you give it a listen! – TR / info@markusreuter.com

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