2012 in review

Here’s a quick round up of most of Markus’ public work in 2012:

Markus has played more than 70 concerts this past year. Concert-wise, 2012 began with the final two gigs of centrozoon’s We Will Tongue You Tour, followed by Stick Men tours in North America, South America, Russia and the UK. June and July were spent touring with The Crimson ProjeKct, opening for Dream Theater on a massive North American tour, while October and November saw an expansive Stick Men tour covering mainland Europe.

“It was again very rewarding to get conformation that my systematic and disciplined touch guitar practice has prepared me well for touring and playing a repertoire”, says Markus, “but I also feel that my playing benefitted a lot from the many concerts, and that my understanding of certain aspects gained in depth.” This resulted in considerable developments in The Family, as Markus calls the set of exercises cultivated in the Touch Guitar Circle, and the addition of the New Daughter, the Godmother and the Stepfather exercises.

In June, still before these additions, the Touch Guitar Circle held a one week seminar in Austria, with Trey Gunn and Markus teaching and working with a group of new and experienced touch style players from Austria, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, the UK and the USA. This was considered a great success by all involved, and the Touch Guitar Circle hopes to present this course format again in the near future, and also on other continents.

After the Summer US Tour, Markus also guested at the Three Of A Perfect Pair camp hosted by Adrian Belew, Tony Levin and Pat Mastelotto in Big Indian, NY, USA.

2012 was also another good year for new Reuter releases and productions. New albums on which Markus worked as a composer, player and (co-)producer include “Modus Novus” by the Quartet for the End of Time, “Same Time Next Life” by Adrian Benavides, the two versions of “Boner” as well as the “Fire” sessions by centrozoon, “Open” by Stick Men, “Faith in Worthless Things” by Lee Fletcher (featuring Markus Reuter and Lisa Fletcher) and “Lament”, the duo album with Stephen Parsick.

Albums on which Markus produced but sometimes also played on include the “Echosystem” EP by Specimen 13 and the album “Form” by Alexander Dowerk’s project, ZweiTon. The “Cool Drink Town” EP by SchnAAK was released while Markus also worked on their follow-up EP “SchnAAK and the Rundu Choir”. Most prominently, Stick Men released “Open”, an album of improvisations, and, after a successful crowd-funding campaign, the new studio album “Deep”. Available only to pledgers so far, the official release is set for February 2013. In September Markus produced “The Dawn of the Foremothers” album by Namgar, also to be released in 2013.

In addition to that, producer Lee Fletcher and Markus launched “Older Than God”, Lee’s documentary feature film about Markus’ work and his network of friends and collaborators, as an ongoing series of episodes on www.olderthangod.com.

Many exciting projects are in the works, the most prominent of which is the orchestral performance of “Todmorden 513” by noted conductor Thomas Blomster in Denver, CA on April 18. Markus and Tobias have been working on providing Thomas with the tons of complex data needed to orchestrate the piece, and Markus is currently staying with Thomas to help with the monumental task.

We’re looking forward to regularly sharing the news on this with you here in the near future, so please check back often!
– TR / info(at)markusreuter.com

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